West Maui Community Alliance x Nā ‘Ohana o Lele


Applying our wisdom of the past for present day solutions towards emergency preparedness, community transparency, and a vision for West Maui Steered by Kama’āina leaders and trusted partners.


To create a foundation and infrastructure for West Maui built upon safety, resource management and stewardship of our natural environment from Mauka to makai. We aim to create community transparency and self-sustaining choices around policy, development, emergency evacuation and disaster preparedness, to ensure the security and longevity of our natural resources, Kama’āina (locals) and malihini (visitors).

The West Maui Community Alliance is bringing together visions and goals for our people and ecosystem of West Maui. As ‘ohana of West Maui, we are closer together now more than ever after the Lahaina Fires of August 2023, and we intend to continue making choices as a community to best equip and inspire our next generation of leaders with resources and experience that aid in navigating through a disaster or emergency safely and efficiently.

Our mission is to keep Kama’āina on West Maui while building a bright future; providing security through resource management and emergency preparedness centers that double as community centers.

Maui Community Alliance